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The course in direction of photography at our school is a consolidated, full-time MA course. It lasts 5 years and prepares students for the profession of director of photography. During their studies students, under the supervision of experienced and famous directors of photography, artists from other areas of art, as well as specialists in humanities and film technology, acquire the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to shoot a film or make a television production.

Each year of the course has a strictly defined practical work program. The students under their professors’ guidance and supervision make various films and television productions of their own and also work as directors of photography on the film projects (including diploma films) of direction students. All these projects are made professionally on 35mm filmstock, or electronically.

 The opportunity of working on 35mm is highly appreciated by both Polish as well as international students, the numbers of the latter constitute a significant amount among our school’s students.
On graduation, after five years of study, the students having presented their diploma work (film, or tv production, accompanied by a theoretical thesis) are granted the MA degree.

The school owns modern equipment for practical projects e.g. cameras, three studios with facilities – two film and one television studio - lighting equipment and its own transport. There are computer classrooms available for the students to be used for pre-visualization, postproduction and special effects.

The fully-equipped school units of shooting equipment, sound and editing participate in making of each project from the shooting stage to producing the final print, or digital screening format.

What distinguishes our school from other film schools is providing our students with the possibility to make films on professional 35 mm filmstock. The school Student Film Production Unit deals with production organization of student projects in all film and television techniques.

During the course of the studies we organize workshops run by famous cinematographers or reputable film equipment firms. We make effors to have our students acquainted with each modern technology used in cinematography and television production as it becomes available.

Program Sztuka Op. 22_23

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  • 1 Silver Tadpole

    Silver Tadpole for Ignacy Ciszewski, the director of photography of the student film "Stwór", dir. Damian Kosowski.
  • 2 Silver Tadpole

    Award for David Bajerski, the director of photography of the student film "Mariam and Natan".
  • 3 HELIOGRAF PRIZE for the Best Short Film Cinematography
    44th PFFF in Gdynia

    "Bitter Herb", dir. Maria Ornaf, dop Zuzanna Zachara
    HELIOGRAF PRIZE for the Best Short Film Cinematography
  • 4 Golden Tadpole
    Camerimage Festival 2013

    Award for Zuza Pyda, the director of photography of the student film "Taki pejzaż" by Jagoda Szelc.
  • 5 Prix Radi
    Paris / Cannes

    Cinema distribution for "Manu i kapusta" 
  • 6 USA Speechless Film Festival

    "Indrivaren" - Main Prize
  • 7 Cracow Film Festival

    "Watermelon" - Best Short Film

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