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The course offers a broad spectrum of general knowledge enriched by practical skills to be acquired during training available at the School Film Production Unit. This unit carries out student film, animation, television and theatre projects as well as working on other professional projects. The course provides a thorough knowledge of electronic media. In the teaching program of the BA course, there are classes in the basics of economics, law, management, film and audiovisual arts, media communication, as well as culture and art history.

This general knowledge, at a later stage of tuition, is completed by specific knowledge on the history of cinema, screenplay analysis, basics of film and theatre direction, film and television production technology, art direction, direction of photography, film editing and other subjects which prepare the student for work on film and television productions.
The studies combine historical knowledge of film and television with contemporary times and recent achievements in the field of information technology, and picture and sound registration techniques. They give the student a chance to acquire interesting knowledge as well as acquire certain abilities to use this knowledge both for individual and team work.

The BA course prepares the student to either continue studying on the MA course in film and television production organization, or seek employment in the Polish or vast global work market.


Studies in this specialization provide the student with general knowledge in the field of film and tv production organization with plenty of practice. During the two years of the course, the student can not only deepen his knowledge, master his skills, and develop his social competence, but can also volunteer to work on film, animation, television and theatre projects offered by the School Film Production Unit - the most interesting and beneficial being the work on diploma films of the film direction students.

The course offers, among others: knowledge of audiovisual aspects of contemporary culture, art and media transformation trends as well as electronic media aesthetics.

The teaching program of the course covers the basics of contemporary cinema, literary analysis, film promotion techniques, financing film productions, taxation systems, cooproductions, film distribution, new media law, motivation techniques, cinematography policy, theatre management, promotion and advertising campaign organization.

During the tuition, we try to combine knowledge of the Polish media industry in Poland with the achievements of its counterparts in Europe and the rest of the world, so that our graduates are able to apply for jobs abroad, too.

Graduation from the MA course enables continuation of studies on the PhD course, or makes it possible to seek employment in Poland and abroad, or run one’s own film and tv production studio.  


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