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14. 07. 2015. Department

Enrolment for the post-graduate film and television production organization studies is the last stage of recruiting new Polish students for the Lodz Film School. The deadline to apply: 12th Sept.

The post-graduate studies at the Film Art Organization Dept last 2 years. During the qualifying interview the applicants are asked questions from the field of film, television, theatre, literature, music, fine arts, social and cultural events in Poland and the world as well as aspects on management knowledge.

The film and television organization studies educate future film and television producers and production managers. During the course of studies the students learn among others about film advertising methods, funding film production, tax systems, coproduction, film distribution, new media legal system, motivation techniques, program policy in cinematography, theatre management, organizing advertising campaign.

Detailed enrolment information for post-graduate production organization studies to be found at: