The Student Government of the Łódź Film School represent the rights and interests of all students before the School’s authorities. We support students in relation to their affairs, initiate cultural events, comment on all important issues and have a real influence on the life of our School. 

The Student Government is open to all problems, requests and opinions of the Film School’s students. A full list of the Student Government’s tasks, arising from the Higher Education Act, can be downloaded here. Check whether and to what extent we can help you and then contact us. If you want to take an active part in the School’s life and co-decide about issues concerning students, come to our meeting. Information about our meetings and the issues discussed can be found on our Facebook profile:


We ask all institutions and companies interested in cooperation with the Student Government of the Łódź Film Schools to contact us via email or our facebook fanpage.

The Student Government of PWSFTViT in Łódź was created in 2008. The President of the Student Government is elected during a general reporting and election meeting for a two-year term. During the meeting, the members of the Student Government’s Board, proposed by the President, are elected. The Board is the Student Government’s executive body on the School’s level. 


Members of the current Board of the Student Government at Lodz Film School:

  • Sebastian Maur President of the Student Association
  • Michalina Pruska Deputy President of the Student Association
  • Julia Pietrasik Deputy President of the Student Association
  • Szymon Szymański Secretary of the Student Association
  • Dawid Szpara Spokesperson of the Student Association
  • Nicolas Reza Coordinator of the Film & Tv Directing Dpt. / Representative of the International Students
  • Zuzanna Markowska Coordinator of the Acting Department
  • Mikołaj Tabako Coordinator of the Academic Circles
  • Nikodem Wojciechowski Representative of the Film & Tv Directing Department in the Film Editing Faculty
  • Adrian Pietruszkiewicz Representative of the Acting Department