In the square marked out by the streets, Targowa - Kilińskiego, Fabryczna - Piłsudskiego, the heart of Polish ‘art-house’ cinema is beating. It is here that the campus of the Lodz Film School is situated; close both to the city centre and to places strongly connected with the history of the city of Lodz: the Museum of Cinematography situated in the residence of Karol Scheibler, the most powerful Lodz factory owner of the 19th century. The Film School Rectorate building, facing Zrodliska Park with three hundred year old oak trees, used to be the residence of Oskar Kon. Further along Targowa Street there are the famous ‘Grohman’s Barrels’-spool-like columns situated on both sides of the grand Neo-Gothic entrance to Henryk Grohman’s weaving factory.

the rectorate Door-keeper’s
  • a Rectorate

    Film/TV Direction Department Office

    Direction of Photography & TV Production Department Office

    Animation & Special Effects – Secretary’s Office

    Senate Room

    Screening Room – School Cinema
  • b Chancellor


    Accounting Department

    Employee Recruitment & Staff Affairs Office

    Remuneration Office

    Cashier’s Office

    Film Equipment Storeroom

    Supply Purchase Office

    Work Safety Office

    Publishing Unit
  • d Lighting Department
  • g Promotion Office

    International Relations Department
  • h Acting Department

    Library & Film Information Centre

    Multimedia Classroom

    Costume Storeroom

    Photography/Film Studio

    Screening Room

    Student Canteen

  • j Sound Department

  • p Door-keeper’s Lodge
  • r Non-budgetary Funds Section
  • w Film & TV Production Organization Department
  • x New Media Centre

    Screenwriting – Secretary’s Office

    Film Editing
    – Secretary’s Office

    Photography – Secretary’s Office

    Film Archive

    Student Council

    New Media Scientific Club

    Szklarnia Gallery

    School Film Production Unit

    Fine Art Unit
  • z Film Studio

    TV Studio

    Publishing Unit Bookshop

    Xerox Point

    Computer Room

    Snack & Coffee Bar

    ZET Cafe
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