for Interdisciplinary Research

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research is an interfaculty unit convened by the Dean of the Lodz Film School as place for new initiatives in academic research and education, both within the School and in collaboration with other institutions, local and international.  The aim of CIR is to become the Film School’s platform of dialogue and exchange, its privileged site of intellectual activity, and unique catalyst of thought and innovation.

Among the tasks of the CIR are:

- providing conditions for conducting research, with a stress on interdisciplinary, multi-institutional and international projects

- stimulating academic research, especially of the interdisciplinary kind, in the fields of film, theater and performance studies, as well as photography, new media and visual culture

- strengthening the collaborartion of the School with other artistic and academic centres

- collaborating with institutions analogous to the CIR

- initiating, developing and implementing innovative educational programs within the School

All photographs by Pawel Fabianski


Research groups and projects



dr Krzysztof Pijarski

Vice-rector in charge of Students and Curriculum
dr hab. Michał Staszczak

Head of School Publishing Unit
dr Anna M. Zarychta

Film and Television Direction Department
- Film and Television Direction
dr Jakub Mikurda
- Film Editing 
dr hab. Milenia Daria Fiedler
- Screenwriting
dr Andrzej Mellin
Direction of Photography & Television Production Department
- Direction of Photography
dr hab. Jacek Koprowicz
- Animation Films and Film Special Effects
dr Maciej Kędzielawski
- Photography
dr hab. Tomasz Komorowski

Acting Department
Waclaw Miklaszewski

Film Art Organization Department
dr hab. Monika Talarczyk-Gubała


Krzysztof Pijarski

Jakub Mikurda
Deputy Head