AN ORANGE FROM JAFFA wins Clermont-Ferrand Fest.
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12. 02. 2024.

The film directed by our graduate - Mohammed Almughanni, wins one of the most important short film festivals in the world!

The INTERNATIONAL GRAND PRIX Clermont-Ferrand ISFF 2024 goes to a directing graduate of our School. Among the filmmakers who worked on the film there are also other graduates of our school: Patryk Sielecki, a production graduate, co-responsible for the production; cinematography by a graduate of the Cinematography Department - Maciej Edelman, editing: Natalia Jacheć, who completed editing studies at our School, the poster for the film is the work of an animation graduate from our school - Karina Paciorkowska.

The Clermont-Ferrand ISFF award is a huge distinction in the world of film. This year, 66 films from 52 countries took part in the International Competition of the French festival.

The film AN ORANGE FROM JAFFA was produced by the INDEKS Film Studio together with Lumisenta and Synecdoche (France). Marcin Malatyński was in charge of its production on behalf of the INDEKS Film Studio.


Film credits:
screenplay and direction: Mohammed Almughanni
cinematography: Maciej Edelman
editing: Natalia Jacheć
cast: Samer Bisharat, Kamel El Basha
music: Robert Logan
sound: Aleksandra Landsmann
set design: Amer Abu Mattar
production: Marcin Malatyński (INDEKS Film Studio), David Frenkel (Synecdoche), Patryk Sielecki
Sales Agent: Agence du Court-Métrage
poster by: Karina Paciorkowska

Film synopsis: Mohammed, a young Palestinian, is desperately looking for a taxi that will allow him to cross a checkpoint to join his mother who is waiting for him on the Israeli side to accompany her to Jaffa, near Tel Aviv. Farouk, the taxi driver, hesitates because the young man does not have a pass but only a European resident student card. Arrived at the checkpoint, Farouk discovers that Mohammed has already tried to cross another checkpoint through Qalandia without success... The trouble begins...

about the production:

ed. JK