SILVER LINING – Invitation to Exhibition
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20. 11. 2023. Department

We invite you to the collective exhibition SILVER LINING, created by outstanding artists from Łódź in the newly opened venue, Hilary Majewski's tenement house. Exhibition opening on 21, Nov. at 6 p.m.

The works of outstanding artists from Łódź, gathered at the SILVER LINING exhibition, unite a common theme of landscape transformation, understood in corporeal, digital, political, social, personal and spiritual aspects.

Contemporary art often refers to this perspective, showing the landscape as a space of discourse, negotiation and multiplicity of meanings. Today, in the era of global ecological, humanitarian and identity crises, when the mythologies of development and progress are collapsing, art plays an extremely important role, searching for new ways of being together in times of change. The Hilary Majewski's restored tenement house is an invitation to meditation on change and exploration as well as building new meanings in place of the previous ones. Originally conceived as the architect’s residential home, the tenement house now opens to the public, reorienting moments of intimate experience into social, political, cultural and trance moments. The functional elements of the composition of the living space, creating passages between the areas of intellectual, bodily, visual, olfactory, sound and emotional compositions introduced by the artists, create the opportunity to experience the fluidity, radiance and pulse of constant change, which is the central theme of the exhibition.

Artists: Karolina Hałatek, Tomasz Matuszak, Magda Moskwa, Wojciech Puś, Józef Robakowski
Curator: Iza Robakowska
Venue: Hilary Majewski’s Tenement House, 11, Włókiennicza Street