ROB TREGENZA Book publication & film retrospective
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07. 04. 2023.

Rob Tregenza MISE-EN-SCÈNE. The book edited by Dean of Directing Piotr Mikucki is coming soon. There will be a screening of Gavagai based on the screenplay by a lecturer of ours Kirk Kjeldsen at MoMA.

Soon, the Publishing House of the Film School in Łódź will publish the book:
Editor: Prof. Piotr Mikucki, lecturer and dean of the Film/TV Directing Department of the Lodz Film School.

"Thinking with Cinema" Retrospective of Rob Tregenza's films:
MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York, 12–16 April.

Screening of the film "Gavagai" / 2016 / Germany / Norway
Directed, photographed, and edited by Rob Tregenza.
Screenplay by Rob Tregenza, Kirk Kjeldsen (lecturer at the Film/TV Dept. at the Lodz Film School).
MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), New York, 14 April.

Director, screenwriter, cinematographer and film lecturer. He is the author of four full-length films, the most famous of which are "Talking to Strangers" (1988), "The Arc" (1991) and "Gavagai" (2016) as well as a cinematography for many others. He studied at UCLA where he received his PhD in 1983.

Here is what Jean-Luc Godard wrote about the film "Talking to Strangers":
"Reality goes hand in hand with fiction here. Claude Lévi-Strauss would probably talk about the elementary structures of kinship between fiction and reality, where fiction, this slut, trips reality as soon as it tries to possess it. Their marriage cannot be called heterosexual. Reality and fiction are both male and female, and one rebukes the other for what he or she is, not for what he or she is not (from the programme of the Toronto International Film Festival, 1996). "

"Filmmaker, philosopher, historian and lecturer Rob Tregenza puts all his talents into this unclassifiable alloy of textbook and theory. Staying in the tradition of Eisenstein's and Bresson's reflection, he begins with film practice and moves to universal insights, but does not stop there and transfers his observations into the real world of analysis and directorial decisions."
Dave Kehr, The Chicago Reader

"Rob Tregenza considers mise-en-scène to be a kind of dance. His book on the subject is itself an agile, lively two-bar dance between the critic's analytical observations and the director's/cinematographer's practice."
Jonathan Rosenbaum, The New York Times

"Mise-en-scène is not an ordinary textbook for novice filmmakers, Rob Tregenza rather presents his philosophy of cinema here. The author is a film erudite and a lover of artistically sophisticated cinema. As a theoretician and at the same time an active creator, he can talk about films with fascination and analyze them in detail. Mise-en-scène is an inspiring and opening read that reminds us in an age dominated by streaming platforms of what real cinema can be. " Paweł Edelman, cinematographer for, among others, "The Pianist", "Ray" and "Katyń"

Still from the film "Inside/Out", screenplay and direction Rob Tregenza