Ryszard Lenczewski on emotions within the frame.
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27. 03. 2018. Department

Our Film Club will host Ryszard Lenczewski, an excellent DOP and our cinematography Professor who will present his film "Oczekiwanie" (“Waiting”) this Friday, 13 April, 19 hrs.

This Friday the Film Club organizes the meeting with Prof. Ryszard Lenczewski under the title "Seen through Ryszard Lenczewski’s Lenses". The meeting will be accompanied by a screening of three different films which have something in common, i.e. an innovative and exceptional approach to express emotions through the art of cinematography as well as unusual sensitivity to the world and people in front of the camera.
The three films are:
"Oczekiwanie" by Ryszard Lenczewski
"Hokej" by Bogdan Dziworski
"Boża podszewka" by Izabella Cywińska

- I don’t have a problem with a public confession if required by an artistic endeavor. For me, it’s always been the most interesting if an artist talked about the creative process in a profound way and his emotions accompanying the process. Then, I could understand his art. Art detached from reality is difficult to bear. – said Ryszard Lenczewski in reference to his latest film “Waiting”.