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13. 10. 2017. Department

The Art of Fact Festival in Torun, which attracts television reporters and young documentary film-makers, acknowledges the work of our production student Ola Szczęsna on the film “Sumo” by H. Oborska.

The film “Sumo” received the Distinction "for the analysis of the essence of sport as a fair competition" – reads the Jury verdict. The film project was carried out within creative-production studies ran by Jacek Snopkiewicz at the Film Art Organization Dept. of our school. The film “Sumo” is a story about twin brothers practicing sumo under their father’s supervision, who is the master of the discipline.

A Special Prize of the Festival in the category Short Documentary was awarded to our direction student Zuzanna Grajcewicz for the film "Wycinka" about a protest of the actors from Teatr Polski in Wrocław in their fight for freedom of speech and independent culture.