Zbigniew Józefowicz has died
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29. 08. 2016. Department

The film and theatre actor and our school former Dean of Acting Dept. and lecturer died at the age of 91.

Zbigniew Józefowicz’ funeral will take place at the Komunalny Doły Cemetery on Friday, 2 September, at 14:30 hrs

Zbigniew Jozefowicz worked as an actor mostly at Jaracza and Nowy theatres in Lodz. He played over a hundred roles in films and television plays. The parts in Jerzy Kawalerowicz’"Celuloza" (1953) and "Pod flagą frygijską" (1954) were his debut appearance in film. He also worked with such film directors as Jan Rybkowski (main part in the film "Godziny nadziei", 1955), Ewa & Czesław Petelski (main part in "Wraki", 1956). He will also be remembered for his splendid roles as a supporting actor in such films as "Gdzie jest generał" by Tadeusz Chmielewski, 1963, and "Popioły" Andrzej Wajda, 1965.

For many years Zbigniew Jozefowicz worked as a lecturer at the Acting Dept of the Lodz Film School, and in the years 1981-1982 was its Dean.

Still from the film "Godziny nadziei" (with Krystyna Kamieńska)