We’ve Got the Smile Pill.
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16. 12. 2015. Department

No awards in the whole world can surpass the applause that follows these performances.

Prof. Jadwiga Sobczak, founded a group „Teatrino” in 2003. The group, whose members are our students of acting, perform for sick children in hospitals or children living in small places away from culture centres. At present, the group consists of the second years students: Anna Bieżyńska, Ania Bolewska, Anna Biernacik, Jakub Gola and Mateusz Więcławek, who work under the supervision of Prof Małgorzata Flegel, a lecturer of the Acting Department. This time the students visited the young patients of the hematology and oncology wards at the hospital in Sporna Street to perform for Christmas.

- Believe me, there’s no bigger joy than making a child smile. It’s the most demanding but at the same time the most grateful spectator – says Mateusz Więcławek, one of Teatrino members.