" The Singing Napkin" – unrepeatable project.
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30. 11. 2015. Department

At the Cinergia European Film Forum the film-makers of „The Singing Napkin” spoke about the film’s production and what the film meant to those involved.

"We wanted to make a film with the Rector whom we trusted completely" – said the students who played in the film. "Please, don’t overestimate here my function of the Rector…" - said Mariusz Grzegorzek, the film’s director. „Fine, let’s be straight – on the set it felt like being in a jungle with a mad Indian around, but what’s interesting, the Indian always knew what he wanted" – said Miłosz Karbownik from the cast of "The Singing Napkin", a diploma film of the acting students, the first one in the history of artistic schools in Poland.

The film was presented as a special screening at the 20th Cinergia European Film Forum. In the meeting with the audience participated: the director of the film, Mariusz Grzegorzek, and the actors - Paulina Nadel, Miłosz Karbownik, Maciej Miszczak, Jędrek Wielecki, Mateusz Rzeźniczak and an unforgettable two-year-old Lusia Zawało (who appears in the short-film "Pancakes with sugar"), plus a few members of the production team: the production manager Witek Franczak, art director - Natalia Giza and production coordinator – Barbara Grzegorzek, as well as the Acting Department authorities, the Dean prof. Zofia Uzelac, and vice-Dean Piotr Seweryński. – When I heard from the Dean and the actors about an idea of making a diploma full-length fiction film I thought they might change their minds shortly. But they were consistent so I decided to have a meeting with them. And then, I saw a group of very talented, versatile young people, with lots of enthusiasm and energy to do things, which is not so common nowadays. – said prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek.