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29. 07. 2015.

In Wroclaw the most interesting independent films from all over the world and amongst them our „Singing Napkin” with full audience at the first festival screening. Great success!

Mariusz Grzegorzek, the film’s director and Lodz Film School Rector was present as well as a strong representation of the Acting Department including the Dean Zofia Uzelac and Vice Dean, Piotr Seweryński, and our heroes – the fourth year acting students for whom the screening of the “Singing Napkin” was a big screen debut. It’s an unprecedented case to have a film diploma of acting students.

- It’s not just one time extravagant project. We would like the film diplomas to become a Lodz Film School tradition. We are already planning new full-length films with new final year students. We are in touch with such directors as Artur Urbański and Janek Komasa – said the Rector Mariusz Grzegorzek. In fact, it was students’ idea to produce the first in the history of artistic education film diploma of drama students

 "Singing Napkin" produced by the Lodz Film School consists of four short film stories representing various style forms, among them: a black & white story about young people who being stuck in the inertia of everyday urban existence feel lost and deprived of the sense and joy of life; a neurotic journey through emotional and physical emaciation caused by escape into drugs; a refined although rooted in pop culture poetic adaptation of a Greek tale. All stories, however, share hope for awakening and faith in love which enables surviving all life drastic aspects. The film stories connected by audition documentary fragments lead to a surrealistic frenetic finale.

– We came up with this idea in the second year of the studies. Of course, we were not sure then where it would lead us to but we were very keen and most of all we wanted Mariusz Grzegorzek to be the director. – recall the actors.

- It’s a great way to draw attention to your school and its film character.
- Promotion of these young actors – that’s most of all what the film gives. Send it on DVDs to film directors and everywhere you can.
- I’m a great enthusiast of your films, your work at the Jaracza Theatre and now also of your film „Singing Napkin”. These are the comments from the festival audience. But you can find out about the film for yourself.  The next festival screening of the „Singing Napkin” has been scheduled for 31 July at 13:15 in number 7 screening room of the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema. The next opportunity to see the film will be at the Gdynia Film Festival in September. And that's just a start.

What is the Napkin singing about?

 ABOUT DREAMS COMING TRUE – The fourth year acting students from the Lodz Film School under the artistic supervision of Mariusz Grzegorzek made the first ever full-length diploma film.
 ABOUT COURAGE- They were not scared of limitations, they told stories straight from their hearts; stories which try to be authentic and wise and at the same time are crazy and not so wise.

 „..She rinsed the blood from the gold goblet and filled it with rose water. She dipped the singing tablecloth in it and the cloth whispered: COME! COME! COME! The sound of stretching wings could be heard…”

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 Film trailer:

 screenplay, direction, editing: Mariusz GRZEGORZEK
 photography: Przemysław BRYNKIEWICZ
 art direction: Natalia GIZA
costumes: Matylda LEŚNIKOWSKA
 sound: Rafał NOWAK
 production manager: Witold FRANCZAK
 cast: fourth year acting students: Adrian BUDAKOW, Mikołaj CHROBOCZEK, Marta HERMAN, Sebastian JASNOCH, Michał JÓŹWIK, Alicja JUSZKIEWICZ, Miłosz KARBOWNIK , Karolina KRAWCZYŃSKA, Damian KRET, Sylwia MADEJSKA, Marcin MIODEK, Maciej MISZCZAK, Anna MROZOWSKA, Paulina NADEL, Grzegorz OTRĘBSKI, Mateusz RZEŹNICZAK, Maria SZAFIRSKA, Anita TOMCZAK, Kaja WALDEN, Jędrzej WIELECKI, Barbara WYPYCH