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28. 05. 2015.

Wojtek Wieteska’s "Nailing Love" exhibition opened at the Lodz Film School Conservatory yesterday. Wojtek Wieteska, our graduate and lecturer, is one of the most interesting photography artists.

Wojtek Wieteska’s exhibition is a part of FILMSCHOOL IMAGINARIUM, a series of exhibitions with which the school will mark its presence at the Fotofestival.

- I hope that thank to these exhibitions you will see how varied Lodz Film School photography is. Not only the work of students and graduates is being exhibited but also thank to the exhibition „Nailing love” the work of one of our lecturers. – said Marek Szyryk, head of Photography Faculty.

Wojtek Wieteska is one of most recognized Polish photography artists. His artistic career derives from French school of documentary photography, he worked out, however, his personal style which has characteristic, conceptual approach to reality. He exhibited his work in: Stara Galeria ZPAF in Warsaw (Far West), Centrum Techniki i Sztuki Manggha in Cracow (Tokyo), Royal Castle Library in Warsaw (Bohaterowie naszej wolności), Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw (N.Y.C.#02), Yours Gallery in Warsaw (Stacja Warszawa, Flights 91_08), Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw (Protest 2007), Atlas Sztuki Gallery in Lodz (Jestem z Polski), Aleje Ujazdowskie in Warsaw (1944/70/2014), Leica Gallery in Warsaw (Nailing Love).