Filip Bajon at the Film Club.
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28. 04. 2015. Department

On 29, April (Wednesday) Prof. Filip Bajon, Dean of lodz Film School Film Direction Department will meet the viewers following the screening of the film "Wahadełko".

Wahadełko (pendulum) in medical jargon means epilepsy. Its attack can be evoked by holding an object in a pendulum movement in front of a sick person. The main protagonist of Filip Bajon’s film is a young man Michał, who spends most of his time in bed suffering from epilepsy, depression and other illnesses. Also he himself has his pendulum. What is it? It is one of the questions the director asks the viewer.

The film "Wahadełko" was made in 1981 starring the Lodz Film School graduate Janusz Gajos as Michał Szmańda. DOP: Wit Dąbal; music - Zdzisław Szostak – a prominent film music composer. The film won the Golden Amber Prize – the Main Prize of the Koszalin Debut Film Festival. Filip Bajon, who is also the film’s screenplay author, was awarded a prize at the Polish Fiction Films Festival in Gdynia, where Janusz Gajos won the Best Leading Actor Prize.

After the screening Filip Bajon will meet the audience. The meeting will be run by a historian dr Mikołaj Mirowski. The screening starts at 7 p.m. Film duration 55 min.