Digital Film Post-Production Management
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08. 09. 2022. Department

The Film Art Organization Department invites you to a one-year Postgraduate Course in Digital Film Post-Production Management. Recruitment lasts until 14, September.

During the post-graduate DIGITAL FILM POST-PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT course, we educate the future post-production managers working in post-production houses, TV stations and film crews.

The course is aimed at:
- production managers, people involved in the promotion of brands who want to deepen their knowledge and raise their qualifications;
- all people working in the broadly understood film and television industry, or graduates of film studies who plan their future in film post-production in the field of management;
- people working in the media who want to broaden their qualifications and obtain formal qualifications for professional promotion.

- vocational subjects which constitute approx. 90% of the study programme include, among others, classes in image and sound post-production at all stages;
- general subjects which constitute approx. 10% of the study programme include, among others, copyrights, marketing and advertising classes.

- cyclical classes - regular lectures and classes taking place throughout the academic year, on average every other weekend;
- monographic lectures (NEW!) - in the upcoming academic year, blocks of classes as part of selected meetings, in the form of intensive workshops conducted around one common topic by invited specialists, experts and industry practitioners.

- practical work - during the course, participants learn the basics of operating programmes or the possibilities of programmes used during film post-production, such as editing programmes, colour correction, sound processing, etc., and discuss specific film budgets, getting acquainted with the specificity of film from the economic point of view;
- apprenticeships and internships - during the school year, interested persons have the opportunity to participate in over 300 student film projects, which are carried out every year at the School, as well as during the summer holidays.

Mode: postgraduate part-time course. Duration: 2 semesters of approx. 150 hours per semester; over 318 hours of lectures and classes in total.
Training: Weekends, on average 2 times a month from October to June. Planned start date of the classes: October this year.
Fee for one semester of studies: PLN 3,500 gross (it is possible to receive a VAT invoice and pay in installments).

ALL DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE COURSE CAN BE OBTAINED: ON-LINE by writing to: ON THE PHONE by calling: 42 27 55 815 and 42 27 55 876