ELECTIONS 2020-2024. Department Deans are chosen
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25. 07. 2020.

Department Election Committees elected Deans for the 2020-2024 term.

Based on the announcements of the Department Electoral Committees, we would like to inform you that the voting for department heads was completed and the following Deans have been elected for the 2020-2024 term:

Prof. Piotr Mikucki, PhD, chosen the Dean of the Film and Television Direction Department
Filmpolski.pl http://filmpolski.pl/fp/index.php?osoba=1113528

Prof. Jolanta Dylewska, chosen the Dean of the Cinematography and Television Production Department
Filmpolski.pl http://filmpolski.pl/fp/index.php?osoba=1116861

Piotr Seweryński, PhD, chosen the Dean of the Acting Department Filmpolski.pl http://filmpolski.pl/fp/index.php?osoba=1123466

Dr Anna Pachnicka, chosen the Dean of the Film Art Organisation Department
Filmpolski.pl http://filmpolski.pl/fp/index.php?osoba=1135896

Details: http://www.filmschool.lodz.pl/szkola/wybory-2020

Congratulations and best wishes for a successful and fruitful term of office!