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31. 12. 2019. Department

The publication Theory of practice. Kieślowski, Łoziński, Wiszniewski, Królikiewicz, Żebrowski contains diploma theses of the authors mentioned in the title and critical essays written by film experts

which complement those theses.

The authors of the monographic essays on the history of cinema are: Mikołaj Jazdon, Piotr Pławuszewski, Katarzyna Mąka-Malatyńska, Mirosław Przylipiak and Piotr Zwierzchowski. Three of them are in the documentary film, (Kieślowski, Łoziński and Wiszniewski), and two in the feature film (Królikiewicz and Żebrowski).

The book has been published in two languages: Polish and English. "Theory of practice" methodologically refers to the research of the eminent sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. The theses contained in the book show that their authors were keenly interested not only in making their own film projects, but also in film theory and history. It allows you to trace the constant journey of thought and inspiration between theory and creative practice. The publication is also part of the research on the “new history of cinema” whose goal is to find and develop source cultural texts that enable the revision of both film history and the importance of individual works in the canon preserved by the prevailing historical and film narrative. The research material was taken from the archive and thoroughly edited. The explanatory footnotes, with which the theses were supplemented, allow the readers to refer the comments contained in them to the current state of research and help them understand better the original contexts of the theses’ considerations. The task of film historians was also to examine the practical application of the concepts laid out in the works, their durability and the consequences of their use by the film-makers.

The publication was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as a subsidy for the statutory activity of the Film and Television Directing Department of the Lodz Film School. (PWSFTviT).

The book is to be highly recommended!