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31. 07. 2019. Department

The PhD School will educate specialists in the discipline of film and theatre in all areas covered by the Lodz Film School curriculum. Recruitment lasts until August 31.

The PhD School will educate specialists in the discipline of film and theatre in all areas covered by the Lodz Film School curriculum: film and television direction, cinematography, acting, film and television production management, screenwriting, film editing, animation and special effects and photography. PhD students are artists, researchers and future educators. The purpose of the School's existence is to support their development in each of these areas.

PhD students participate in lectures, seminars and workshops provided for in the School's curriculum, work on their own projects in cooperation with lecturers and invited guests, and run classes for the students of BA and MA programmes. The curriculum of the PhD School creates contexts, inspires and provides its students with the necessary instruments to combine in their work original creativity with a deepened reflection on reality and the medium of their choice as well as preparing them to conduct teaching in art schools in the field of film and theatre arts.

The philosophy of the PhD School was based on the "practice as research" approach, which treats artistic creation as an equivalent, methodologically original component of the research process. According to this approach, the work is not only the result or presentation of conclusions from the research process, but the actual place of thinking - thinking not only with the help of concepts and words, but forms and techniques specific to the chosen medium.

The classes held form modules each of which has a supervisor supervising the course of individual classes and workshops conducted by specialists in the field of art, sociology, culture, philosophy as well as outstanding artists. The lectures run in the first year will reflect the Image and Sound modules, in the second year - Story and Stage, and in the third year - Body and Market. The aim of the curriculum is to expand the contexts and inspire doctoral students to their own artistic and research quests. At the same time, during the first three years a doctoral seminar will be conducted, during which PhD students will learn the tools of the method which combines scientific research with artistic practice and will have the opportunity to consult their own projects. During the recruitment process, each PhD student chooses the area of the research (from the field of film and theatre arts) and a promoter with whom he will work on refining the research plan as well as the outline and theoretical commentary to the work. The subject of defence is not only an artistic work but also a scientific text closely related to it. The fourth year of the Doctoral School is intended for the completion of the doctoral work and the commentary on it under the supervision of the supervisor.

The task of the PhD School is also to prepare doctoral students to conduct teaching. To this end, doctoral students prepare curricula and implement their didactic practice by running classes for students of the Lodz Film School and participate in lectures and workshops in the field of methodology as part of the doctoral seminar.

Details and rules of recruitment: