Next Acting Students’ Diploma Film Shoot Started!
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21. 12. 2018. Department

We are more than happy to announce that the time has already come for a new diploma film of our acting students, this time to be directed by Kalina Alabrudzińska.

The shoot of the next acting students’ diploma film has already started. In the director’s seat: Kalina Alabrudzińska, our direction graduate. The working title of the film is “Life Conditions”.

What is the director saying about the film? – "It's the affirmation of everyday life and people immersed in it up to their ears. And how they navigate in it - more or less efficiently, making mistakes, usually not learning from them at all – all this is the subject of the film".

In the cast the final year acting students: Piotr Pacek, Michał Surosz, Wiktoria Stachowicz, Jan Hrynkiewicz, Zuzanna Puławska, Izabela Gąska, Izabella Dudziak, Faustyna Kazimierska, Katarzyna Majda, Paweł Głowaty, Kamil Rodek, Sebastian Śmigielski, Elżbieta Zajko, Filip Warot, Robert Ratuszny, Karol Nowiński, Karol Kunysz, Maria Kowalska, Mateusz Grodecki, Ksenia Tchórzko and Aleksandra Skraba.

The crew members are: scripts and direction – Kalina Alabrudzińska, photography – Nils Crone, art direction and costumes – Maja Pawlikowska, make-up – Joanna Siwy, sound on the set – Adam Mart, editing – Piotr Wójcik, Bartłomiej Piasek , sound mix – Jakub Jerszyński, production manager – Aleksandra Makos, production coordinator – Natalia Truszkowska. Producer: Agata Golańska.

The photos from the first day of the shoot were taken in the BaseCamp underground car-park, the firm which is our film partner and which we thank for their help and making the location available. Acting students diploma films are already a school tradition initiated by the film “Singing Napkin” by Mariusz Grzegorzek. The next films which followed were: "Crystal Girl" by Artur Urbański, "Soyer" by Łukasz Barczyk; "Monument" by Jagoda Szelc. In May, 2019, on the big screen, we will see Kalina Alabrudzińska’s film. Great joy!
photos: Adrian Jaszczak