New Birthday Website – Go ahead! Check it out!
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24. 09. 2018.

New virtual space for the 70th Birthday to find out about things and have plenty to see and watch. Welcome to ‘70 years of the Lodz Film School’ - -

We’ll be seeing each other on 5th October, but beforehand we can meet virtually at There you will find archive photos, our films or film records of important moments. You will be taken on a trip to the past from 1948 to now to encounter the most important points in the school’s history.

Let’s get closer to the school and get to know it better. You can even get inside! You can visit the Rectorate (a must on your list!), but also Building “Z”, an old photographic studio, a props store. Pure magic! All this is possible thanks to CAMPUS – and what is it? An interactice, neurotic walk around the School. It’s a unique tour of the School planned by the people from Targowa Street, our animation students, who are the authors of this crazy tour. The tour is organized. The Cat will be waiting for you at the gate every Friday until the new academic year inauguration on October 5th. Each time he will show you something new. For the time being, he will show you the gate building and take you to the epicentre of school life – the Rectorate, where you can visit the Rector, sit on the stairs next to Roman Polanski, and pop upstairs to the Film Club.

The link for the CAMPUS can be found at the jubilee website, or there is a direct link Enjoy the tour!

On 5th October, remember to visit 61/63,TARGOWA Street – let’s come back to the school for its Birthday!

P.S. Check the programme of events and write down the dates in your diary – LET’S BE TOGETHER!