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12. 08. 2018. Department

Film Art Organization Dept. is starting a year-long part time International Post-graduate Course for Creative Producers for Polish applicants. The deadline to apply is 23 September

The new course offers individual professional development to all who want to be successful working in audio-visual industry. Despite the fact whether you are a film-maker, a businessman or a manager the Film Art Organization Department will provide you with innovative, individual and thorough classes, facilitate a creative exchange of ideas and enable a dialogue the best specialists in the field.

The best experts, artists and leaders, who work in Poland, Europe and the US, will take care of your professional and individual development. Among them:

- Prof. Andrzej Krakowski - director, screenwriter, producer, lecturer at the University of New York

- dr Aleksandra Przegalińska – expert in new technologies’ development, artificial intelligence, lecturer at Kozminski University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

- Joanna Solecka - communication and marketing expert, Torino Film Lab in charge of Audience Design; Alphapanda film marketing agency founder

- Krzysztof Rak - screenwriter, playwright, film producer, (screenplays for the films "Sztuka Kochania", "Bogowie")

- Krzysztof Czyżewski – lawyer, expert on copy rights - Michał Oleszczyk – film critic, screenplay consultant, translator, lecturer at "Artes Liberales" Dept. at Warsaw University

- Ole Wendorff-Ostergaard – creative producer, worked with a Danish firm Zentropa and a Polish one Platige Image, a producer of the film "Another Day of Life"

- Radosław Drabik - Gigant Films founder, produced a comedy "Planeta Singli"


* part-time (classes/lectures – two weekends per month)
* duration: one academic year (2 semesters)
* cost: 7,500 PLN per semester
* application deadline: 23 September, 2018
* entrance exam: September, 2018
* commencement: October, 2018