Our female representation at ANNECY 2018!
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06. 06. 2018. Department

The call-up for: Marta Magnuska, Karolina Specht, Marta Szymańska and Paulina Ziółkowska. A very important global gathering of the animation industry, the Annecy Festival will begin on 11th of June.

The Annecy International Animated Film Festival is a very prestigious event in the world of animation. It is a great joy that this year four films created by the animators from our School are in the International Competition of Graduation Films.

THE OTHER by Marta Magnuska, Artistic supervisors of this etude are Mariusz Wilczyński and Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz.
While waiting for the arrival of a mysterious guest, people try to guess what he looks like and who the stranger is. This mysterious person starts to materialise in their imaginations and his presence becomes almost tangible. The enthusiasm that was there at the beginning slowly turns into anxiety.

SQUARING THE CIRCLE by Karolina Specht The artistic supervisor of the etude is Piotr Dumała.
At first glance one would say that Square lives in a world of chaos and changes. After closer look we notice that the systems in which he lives repeat itself, create a routine, hypnotize while stopping you from doing a single move. A new element appears one day in this scheme, that helps the Square to look at reality around him in a little different way. "Squaring the circle" is a story told with the use of graphical metaphors, partially abstract tale about an impossible feeling.

TANGO TĘSKNOT by Marta Szymańska, The artistic supervisor of the etude is Piotr Dumała.
It’s a painterly story, telling about emotions and extraordinary tension present in tango - "a sad thought expressed in dance". The characters, lost in their dance, discover longings and melancholy hidden deep in themselves, they desperately try to fulfil their desires, to find comfort.

BLESS YOU! by Paulina Ziółkowska, the artistic supervisors are Piotr Dumała and Piotr Milczarek.
A sunny day. People are waiting at the bus stop. Suddenly someone sneezes. And then someone else, and then another one. An outbreak starts. In all this chaos of sneezing it turns out, that the worst thing is to to keep on infecting oneself. The film received special mention at the International Film Festival in Berlin, where it was screened in the Generation 14plus section.

The International Animated Film Festival in Annecy will take place on of June 11-16, 2018. More on Festival's website: https://www.annecy.org/

Watch the screenshots from film!
Photo 2 - "The other"
Photo 3 - "Squaring the circle"
Photo 4 – "Tango Tęsknot"
Photo 5 – "Bless you!"