Ewa Braun invites: Recreating Worlds Past
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09. 01. 2018.

On 16 January, Ewa Braun’s exhibition “Recreating Worlds Past” will open at the Film Museum in Lodz at 5 p.m.

- Most films I worked on as an art director have been historical pieces, in which art direction played a crucial role. - says Ewa Braun, an excellent art director, costume designer and professor at the Lodz Film School. – In my job I’ve had to face many challenges such as recreating a vast range of interiors starting from Ancient Rome, through 16th century Poland, up to II World War and post war times. My experience taught me that it is not enough just to design an interior along the script lines. The true artistic contribution of an art director is reflected in a special individual character of the interiors he created.

The exhibition opening will be followed by a screening of Janusz Majewski’s film "Epitaph for Barbara Radziwiłłówa" (35mm), on which Ewa Braun worked as an art director.