Special Subsidy for School
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20. 12. 2017.

Our school received special subsidy from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage funds.

The subsidy in the amount of 21.000.000 PLN was donated to the school to provide necessary equipment for film production including equipment for the school’s New Media Didactics Centre.

The funds will be spent to purchase equipment for the following school units:
1. Film equipment: cameras, lenses, tripods, recorders, dollies, cranes, steadicam, lights, etc
2. Digital post-production - equipment for editing, grading and colour correction, hard and soft wear etc.
3. Sound acquisition and digital post-production
4. School archive
5. Film and TV studios
6. Animation
7. Multimedia
8. Digital photography
9. School’s IT network
10. Film production
11. Studyjny Theatre
12. Film Editing
13. Transport
14. School’s Publishing Unit
15. Conservatory Galery
16. Film Production Unit