„In divine idiocy, in heavenly sclerosis”
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08. 12. 2017. Department

The new season at Studyjny Theatre in Lodz will start with a new diploma play Gombrowicz’s "Operetta" directed by Waldemar Zawodziński. The premiere already on 10 Dec. See the rehearsal photos.

"I’ve been always fascinated with the form of an operetta, in my opinion one of the most fortunate in theatre. (...) An operetta in its divine idiocy, heavenly sclerosis, in an extraordinary uplift through singing, dance, gesture, mask, for me is a pure theatre, perfectly theatrical (...) "– wrote Witold Gombrowicz in the introduction to „Operetta”.

- Constant changing’s on, a poisonous carnival , a crazy race from one form to another – says the director, Waldemar Zawodziński. - Gombrowicz shows a man, who abandons that what he really is, gives up the truth and yields to the forms imposed on him, the dictates which restrict him, and eventually become unavoidable.

For the students the play „Operetta” will be a challenging adventure. They’ll have to reach to the top of their acting skills to move smoothly from spoken text to singing, from natural movement to precisely arranged choreography - all this accompanied by live music and happening in a swift pace of the narration planned by the director.

- „Operetta” is also a source of intellectual thrill for those young people. – says Waldemar Zawodziński - Gombrowicz makes you ponder, think about determination of an individual, about the traps of history, about danger lurking to threaten a contemporary man. The text of the play is not out-dated at all – on the contrary – the young people „read” it very well, they get the sense of uneasiness that’s present around them nowadays – says the director about the actors.

Our acting students are very fortunate again to have an opportunity of working with such as experienced director who is greatly appreciated in the theatre world. Po raz kolejny studenci aktorstwa mają szczęście, by pracować z reżyserem o tak dużym dorobku artystycznym, tak cenionym w świecie Teatru. Waldemar Zawodziński, who has directed plays, operas and musicals, worked in Stary Theatre, Krakow, Współczesny Theatre, Szczecin, Nowy Theatre, Poznan, Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdańsk, Lodz Opera House, Krakow Opera, and czy Operze National Opera in Warsaw. Currently, he is the director of Jaracza Theatre in Lodz, where he has also staged his plays. For his theatre work he has received critics’ acclaim and many prizes.

In the play we will see the final year acting students: Anna Bieżyńska, Mateusz Czwartosz, Paulina Walendziak, Dawid Ptak, Jakub Matwiejczyk, Weronika Asińska, Zuzanna Pawlak, Adam Gradowski, Mateusz Więcławek, Marta Wiśniewska, Oskar Borkowski, and others from different years of acting: Michał Surosz, Jan Napieralski, Jan Butruk, Aleksander Rudziński, Faustyna Kazimierska, Julia Szczepańska, Irmina Liszkowska, Dominika Walo, Dorota Ptaszek, Paweł Głowaty, Piotr Pacek, Filip Warot, Rafał Kowalski, Michał Włodarczyk, Dominik Mironiuk, Mikołaj Bartosiewicz. Waldemar Zawodziński is the director of the play and also the art director. Costumes: Maria Balcerek. Choreography: Edyta Wasłowska. Barbara Panek and Paweł Serafiński are in charge of the vocal training of the actors.

The premiere has been scheduled for November.
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photos: Filip Szkopiński