Prof. Zofia Uzelac Gets Lodz Mayor’s Prize
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29. 09. 2017. Department

Prof. Zofia Uzelac, the Dean of the Acting Dept., received the prize in recognition of her achievements in the field of culture.

The prizes were handed on 28 September at the Dialogue Centre named after Marek Edelman.

Lodz City Mayor Prizes are awarded every year in recognition of artistic achievements as well as culture spread and preservation. This year among the rewarded artists there is Prof Zofia Uzelac, the Dean of the Acting Department of the Lodz Film School. Congratulations.

For years Prof. Zofia Uzelac has been the Dean or Vice-Dean of the Acting Dept. She is also an actress of the Jaracza Theatre in Lodz. Not only was she born in Lodz but she is a part of its pulsating artistic life and promotes the City and our Acting Department in Poland and abroad.

photos: Filip Szkopiński