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16. 09. 2017. Department

Before we take index, before we attend lectures, before we stand behind cameras - Let’s get to know each other!

Between 23-rd and 27-th of September there is an integration camp for the first year students of Film School in Kleszczow initiated by Directing department. See the program below.

The camp initiated by Direction department in our school and will take place in SOLPARK in Kleszczow near Belchatow. The persons participating will be first year students of every department, who gained access, other participants will be pedagogical counselors from departments, as well as representatives of Student’s Board. The agenda includes: informative, performative and integration meetings with counselors and students. The future first year students will see works by their older peers that received prizes on multiple festivals, there also will be fiction and documentary films made by teachers and school graduates. After the screening – meeting with authors.

Screening room, amphitheater, rehearsal rooms and studios with filming and montage equipment (students interested in photography are asked to bring their own equipment), as well as recreation area (swimming pool, sauna, bowling, tennis courts, gym and fitness area) will be available for the participants of the camp.

During the course of the camp an experimental-reportage film (the making of) will be made, everybody can take part in it.

The early proposition of film screenings, presentations and meetings with makers. (available also for locals).

/The details including the camp program updates will be sent to the participants in the middle of September/

16.00 (Solpark) Lectures by Jakub Mikurda, film school professor, relating the psychological aspects of integration, creative cooperation, getting to know people in order to start cooperative artistic initiatives
18.30 (GOK) Screening of Film School students' fiction, documentary and animated etudes, prized and appreciated at many film festivals. The presentation will be run by Sławomir Kalwinek. After the screening there will be a meetings with professors, graduates and students of Film School who will become counselors conducting integration and education classes.

SUNDAY 24.09
14.00 (GOK) Meeting with photographer and school’s professor - Krzysztof Hejke, combined with presentation of photographic works. The leading topic will be the art of photography and the methods of artistic creation
15.30 (GOK) Meeting with school’s professor Tomasz Komorowski, combined with the viewing and discussion of the photographic works of students from Photography department
16.00 (Solpark) Meeting with Acting Department professors Bogusław Semotiuk and Marcin Brzozowski the first-year lecturers. The leading topic will be the character of Acting department, interaction between students and teaching methods
18.30 (GOK) Screening of Mariusz Grzegorzek's film "Śpiewający Obrusik" ("The Singing Napkin") being the diploma film of acting department students. After screening there will be a meeting with the film director, Film School rector, Mariusz Grzegorzek and acting department professors

MONDAY 25.09
15.00 (Solpark) Meeting with Direction department professors: Andrzej Mellin, Magnus von Horn, Sławomir Kalwinek and Production department lecturer- Anna Pachnicka – conducting first-year classes. The meeting will include presentations of chosen etudes that were made by first-year students.
18.30 (GOK) Screening of “Intruz” (The Here After) - winner of many prizes and debut film of Magnus von Horn, our graduate and Film School lecturer. After the screening there will be a meeting with Magnus von Horn, film producer Mariusz Włodarski, and also with Directing and Film Art Production professors. The main topics will be aspects of director’s workshop and creative cooperation during film production.

15.00 The meeting with professors from Direction of Photography department: Krzysztof Rynkiewicz, Tomasz Komorowski and Jacek Rokosz who conduct lectures on the first year, this will be presented with etudes from Director of Photography, Animation films and Photography.
18.30 (GOK) Screening of Robert Glinski's film "Czuwaj" that will be presented on this year's festival in Gdynia. In the film you can see many students from Acting department of film school. After screening there will be a meeting with the director and pedagogue Robert Glinski

Valedictory meeting with participants counselors, serving as a summary of the camp, exchange of reflections and experienced combined with potential review of material that will later serve to make a “Making Off” film.