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14. 07. 2017. Department

We have some good news for anyone interested in receiving master's degree in Photography: Our school re-activates master's degree studies! We wait for your documents until 8th of September.

Photography Department invites you: part-time master's degree studies are once again available in Film School in Lodz!

The duration of studies is four terms. The planned classes will be conducted during two-days meetings (Friday and Saturday) - 20 meetings in the academic year. Candidates can apply for the studies in the academic year 2017/2018 until 8th of September 2017. Documents of the candidate should include application, curriculum vitae (1 computer written page), copy of bachelor's or master's degree, copy of ID document, 4 photos (ID standard) and proof of paying an entrance exam fee of 150 PLN. Documents can be submitted in Photography Department's secretariat Opening hours: 10.00 – 14.00.

The entrance exam will be conducted on 18th and 19th of September 2017. During the exam candidates will be asked to present their works in the exhibition format, making of 4 chosen photographic tasks determined by the Recruitment Committee and an optional list of prizes and distinctions of the candidate.

Photography studies in Lodz Film School have 25 years tradition in educating. Many of our students and graduates won prizes in Poland and abroad. Photography in Direction of Photography & Television Production Department has experienced lecturers, necessary rooms and equipment. This allows our future students, with at least a bachelor degree to continue the part-time studies in extended formula.

The study programme is addressed to persons working on broadly understood media market, and those interested in acquiring a specific practical skills in the area of shaping the photographic image and basics of film making. This program is based on further vocational training and transfer of broad theoretical knowledge that will result in widening one's creative perspectives and developing the skills of artistic expression.

Artistic, theoretical and practical issues will be addressed through different forms of academic classes (lectures, workshops, seminars, individual and collective exercises). Completion of the curriculum will allow graduates to: easily navigate the modern artistic market, leading groups of persons co-creating the photographic images, undertaking jobs in photographic agencies, magazines, publishing houses, community centers, galleries .and so on.