I love the energy of the film set
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14. 01. 2014.

Lukasz Dzieciol, who was a visitor during Łukasz Maciejewski’s class with the Lodz Film School students of acting, is a film producer and a vice chairman of a Film Production Studio Opus Film.

Łukasz Dzięcioł comes from a family with strong film tradition – his grandfather had a cinema near Wroclaw, and his father, Piotr Dzieciol, has been a known film producer. For Lukasz, the film set has been natural environment almost from his childhood.  – I’ve always known that my future career will be connected with film. I’ve always loved taking pictures. My dream was to become a cinematographer. Already at the last stage of the entrance exam to the cinematography department at the Lodz Film School I realized that I was mostly interested in film as a complex unity and I decided to become a film producer.

Łukasz Dzięcioł studied film production at the Los Angeles Film School:
–I was interested in the practical side of film production that’s why I had chosen the US as the most suitable place to study.  From the start we worked on the film set. I was given an opportunity to study everything: direction, acting, cinematography, and finally production. The most precious experience for me was the work on the set of  Steven Spielberg film “Munich” despite the fact I worked physically there carrying boxes with film negatives.

Having returned to Poland Łukasz Dzięcioł produced many films by young filmmakers, including their debut films, amongst them "Z odzysku" by Sławomir Fabicki, "Moja krew" by Marcin Wrona , and "Wymyk" by Greg Zgliński.

– I’ve always known that I wanted to work with young people, both directors and actors. – says Dzięcioł. – The people involved in making a film are a team which should be using the same type of language, should feel in a similar way and be moved by the same things. I witnessed professional development of some actors, e.g.  Antoni Pawlicki, Anna Cieślak, who from unknown actors became very popular.  It was great to see them get awards at film festivals in Poland and abroad.

During the meeting Łukasz Dzięcioł was asked about his work as a film producer in comparison to American producers.  – I do not work at the desk. I love the film set and the energy it creates. I’m like some sort of bumper, trying to solve problems that hit me,  quickly and efficiently.

Łukasz Dzięcioł produced the following films:
2014 - OBIETNICA producer,
2011 - WYMYK producer,
2011 - Z MIŁOŚCI cooproducer,
2010 - NIE TEN CZŁOWIEK cooproducer,
2010 - CUDOWNE LATO producer,
2009 - ZERO supportive producer,
2009 - MOJA KREW producer,
2007 - POKÓJ SZYBKICH RANDEK producer,
2006 - HI WAY producer,
2005 - Z ODZYSKU producer,
2005 - YOUR NAME IS JUSTINE executive producer,
2005 - MISTRZ producer.