How to reach the audience successfully?
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04. 06. 2017. Department

You can find the answers during a 3-day-long weekend workshop at the Lodz Film School from 9 to11 June.

The subject matter of the workshop organized by the Film Art Organization Department is: „How to reach the viewer in cinema, on television and the Internet successfully? Modern advertising and distribution of films, television programmes and other audio-visual programmes.”

During the three days of the workshop of lectures, meetings and discussions you will be able to find out the following:
- How to prepare a film for distribution so that it meets all the cinema and television standards?
- How to prepare an advertising campaign using modern promotion tools?
- How to prepare an attractive communication strategy and run a dialogue with viewers in social media?
- How to negotiate and what to pay attention to when signing a cinema and television distribution agreement?

Workshop program at:
Registration, lecturers profiles and other information available at:
phone: 42 27 55 876 and 42 27 55 815 (on work days 9:00-16:00) Lodz Film School: Dziekanat Wydziału Organizacji Sztuki Filmowej, Targowa 57, 90-323 Łódź (on work days 9:00-16:00)