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23. 02. 2017.

‘Creativity in the form of practical research’ – The Interdisciplinary Research Centre at our school.

The Cinematography department and the Directing department welcome everyone to partake in the symposium. The event will take place on Saturday 25th February.

The Film’s School’s Cinema will host the symposium throughout the weekend (25th – 26th February).

- We hope this event will be the first of many to be held at our Film School, dedicated to exploring contemporary visual forms - a statement by the organizers of the symposium.

‘A question regarding visual alphabetism: what must occur for visualization to become a tool used to understand our world. When does it become transparent and take on the identical form of its surroundings?’

The visual form does not represent a shortcut. It is not meant to supply us with easily digestible, more precise content. The visual exploitation of ‘content’ will invariably lead to social discourse. Ultimately we are thoughtful individuals with discursive streaks in our identity.

- By organizing the symposium, we wanted to create a platform for artists (lecturers, curators, academics) to meet and discuss the esthetics of cognition, politics and ethics – a statement by the organizers. As a result, the nexus of the meeting will not be a discussion on methods and mediums, but a focus on visual forms of reflection on our world.

Organizers hope that throughout the symposium, auteurs working on a range of projects will have a chance to meet. The event is a great platform for creators (seeking a viewer base) to showcase their thought-inspiring films, based on animations and fiction or their interactive digital works. Artists working on other formats, such as exhibitions, are also welcome.

Full programme available here: