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27. 02. 2017.

A meeting with Piotr Szulkin – and a chance to see his artistic work, his films, and speak with the artist himself. Everyone’s welcome!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We are sorry to inform you, that Piotr Szulkin, due to health complications, will not be present at the exhibition held at the Museum of Cinematography. Nevertheless, everyone is still invited to the exhibition and screening of ‘Ubu Król’ at 17:00. (Before the screening, film critic Kuba Mikurda, will discuss the director’s filmography). -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

‘GOES BY’ is the title of the exhibition dedicated to the art work of Piotr Szulkin. The Museum of Cinematography will host the exhibition from the 28th February. The opening will take place at 17:00, followed by a meeting with the artist and a screening of his film ‘Uby Król’. Both the Łódź Film School and the Museum of Cinematography invite you to take part in the event.

Piotr Szulkin, a visual and lyrical artist with a unique imagination, is a graduate from the Directing department of our Film School. He is also a lecturer at our school. As a director and screenwriter, Piotr Szulkin amassed success with his tetralogy comprised of the following films: ‘Golem’, ‘Wojna światów - Następne stulecie’, ‘O-Bi, O-Ba. Koniec cywilizacji’ and ‘Ga, ga. Chwała bohaterom’. He was able to filter the concept of science-fiction through his artistic and oneiric work, creating a unique cinematic language, which spoke to critics and viewers alike.

‘Ubu Król’ was created in 2003 and will be screened at the Museum of Cinematography on the 28th February. The main cast consists of: Jan Peszek (Ubu), Katarzyna Figura, Marek Siudym and Jerzy Trela. The protagonist of the film, which itself is an adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s play, is Ubu. In his violent quest to assume power of the State, Ubu flatters the working classes and befriends people of influence by preaching about freedom and democracy. After the film’s premiere, Tadeusz Sobolewski (Gazeta Wyborcza, 16.01.2004) wrote the following: Szulkin’s film is a serious work which is permeated with disillusionment, fear and loathing. ‘Ubu Król’ is not a playful surrealist work or a satire of the political classes. It is a caricature of our world perceived at the exact moment when we lost all illusions'.

Piotr Szulkin won numerous awards for his films – his debut feature, ‘Golem’ was awarded the Bronze Lion at the 7th Gdańsk Film Festival in 1980. A year later, Szulkin won the Grand Prix and FIPRESCI awards, both for the screenplay in ‘Golem’, at the International Film Festival in Madrid. In 1982, at the same festival in Madrid, he won the Grand Prix and awards for both directing and screenplay for his film ‘Wojna światów - Następne stulecie’. That same year, Szulkin also received the Special Jury prize at the International Film Festival in Trieste.

The ‘Goes by’ exhibition, hosted at the Museum of Cinematography from the 28th February, is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the artistic works of Piotr Szulkin.

Entrance is free to the opening of the exhibition, the meeting with the director and the screening.