PARTNERS& Patronates

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is a strategic partner of the Polish National Film School in Lodz financing its didactic activities and supervising its artistic activities. Especially the Department of Artistic and Cultural Education at the Ministry takes a good care of the school in its everyday functioning.

The Ministry of Education and Science supports financially school’s research through grants for given research projects as well as financial contribution in education infrastructure necessary to run the school according to the provisions included in the School Statute.

The Polish Film Institute supports the Lodz Film School student film production and promotion.

National Science Centre supports financially school’s scientific activity in the field of the basic research in the form of research projects.

National Audiovisual Institute supports Lodz Film School in digitalization and digital reconstruction of the films from the School Archive.

Santander Universidades is an example of fundamental social engagement of BZ WBK and the Santander Group. On the basis of the agreement signed with the Lodz Film School, Santander Universidades supports our lecturers and students, among others, by granting scholarships.