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07. 02. 2024. Department

Nowy Theatre and the Lodz Film School are back with the joint project. At the end of the workshop, the presentation of work in progress open to the public, is scheduled for 14, February.

For the second time, young directors, together with students of the Acting Department of the Lodz Film School, will attempt to read the heritage of the Lodz Film School in a new way at the Nowy Theatre, creating theatre shows inspired by the works of famous graduates. On 14, February, you will be able to see them during open shows.

"Światoobrazy" (World Pictures) is a creative laboratory for the exchange of skills, tools and experiences between young directors, playwrights and Lodz Film School acting students, carried out under the aegis of the director of the Nowy Theatre, Dorota Ignatjew, the curator of the "Nowy and the Young" project, Remigiusz Brzyk and the Dean of the Acting Department of the Lodz Film School and actor of the Nowy Theatre, Piotr Seweryński.

The young artists invited to the project confront their creative intuitions with the intuitions of the most outstanding graduates of the school, revising, reconstructing and remixing film canons to once again breathe life into the often revolutionary and rebellious, and today, somewhat dusty diagnoses of the reality of their professional predecessors. Which of them still resonates with young artists? What is part of their identity and what is no longer part of their world pictures?

The starting point for the 2nd edition of the workshop, entitled SF.RE (Constructions), are Polish science fiction films from the 1970s and 1980s. Young directors: Miłosz Mieszkalski, Marcel Osowicki and Bartłomiej Juszczak plan to confront stories about utopias and anti-utopias, with the need to create a collective myth, new mythology and alternative worlds; reinterpret fragments of scripts and construct new worlds. Using the convention of science fiction, they want to look at the present and look for narratives that allow us to retell the dreams and challenges facing young people today. As they say, they are interested in how the visions of filmmakers relate to times gone by and how they can resonate with the realities of the 21st century. They understand the title SF not only as science fiction but also as speculative fiction - a category that allows for going beyond realism and known genres. They want to ask questions about the limits of science fiction and what escaping to the world of the future says about the reality that surrounds them.

At the end of the workshop, the presentation of work in progress will be opened to the public, ad this is scheduled for 14, February.

The workshops are part of the "New and the Young" project, inaugurated by director Dorota Ignatjew; the curator of the project is Remigiusz Brzyk. The project addressed to students and young graduates of theatre schools: the Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow and the Theatre Academy in Warsaw aims to improve their artistic competencies and develop creative and professional potential through creative supervision, enabling the creative exchange of skills and experiences, as well as creating a space for shaping artistic personality and starting individual professional activity. The substantive supervision of the workshops carried out in cooperation with the Film School in Łódź, is provided by Piotr Seweryński.

Światoobrazy. SF.RE(Constructions)
Directors: Miłosz Mieszkalski, Marcel Osowicki, Bartłomiej Juszczak Curator: Remigiusz Brzyk

Lodz Film School acting students participating in the project are: Dawid Dąbrowski, Zuzanna Kłos, Matylda Wojsznis, Mateusz Rozwadowski, Magdalena Sękiewicz, Filip Wawrecki, Dorian Zypper, Julian Nowicki, Michalina Dworzaczek, Julia Wojnowska, Inez Żuk, Zuzanna Markowska, Mikołaj Lubera, Waldo Bastida, Maciej Bisiorek, Paweł Hurnik, Ewa Stańczyk, Jakub Sirko, Zofia Tkaczyńska, as well as the actors from Theatre Arts Academy from Kraków: Bartłomiej Juszczak, Miłosz Mieszkalski, Marcel Osowicki

Production: Kamila Golik
Presentation open to the public: 14.02.2024, at 5 p.m.

Tickets priced at PLN 1 for unnumbered seats are available at the theatre's ticket offices and online.