On the theme of the Niemen River
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14. 09. 2023. Department

We invite you to the Palace in Chrzęsne to the exhibition entitled "On the banks of the Niemen" by Krzysztof Heyke, which is a complement to the National Reading "On the Niemen River" by E. Orzeszkowa

We present the photos from the exhibition opening.

This extremely interesting exhibition of photographs and artifacts held at the Palace in Chrzęsne and entitled "On the banks of the Niemen" by Krzysztof Jan Heyke, professor and lecturer of Film and TV Directing, will be open by 30, November.

The exhibition coincides with the selection of the novel "On the Niemen River" by Eliza Orzeszkowa for the National Reading campaign.

The exhibition is a reportage, story and journey revolving around the nature of the Niemen River and the history of the people living there.

The author of the exhibition, professor of film arts, photographer and cinematographer, spent a lot of time in the remote territories of the Second Polish Republic, carefully documenting the landscapes along the Niemen River and weaving in them true stories of the families living there, creating a unique sentimental journey.
The curator of the exhibition is Magdalena Roguska.

Honorary patronage: Adam Lubiak - Starosta of Wołomin, Wołomin County - Land of Norwid and "Miracle on the Vistula".

We highly recommend visiting the exhibition.