Rector’s statement regarding R. Polański's visit.
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27. 11. 2019.

Regarding any doubts arising in connection with organizing a meeting with Roman Polański at the Łódź Film School, we present the statement of the Rector, Prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am receiving (though informally so far) signals about the controversy related to Roman Polanski's visit to our school. I would like to remind you that Roman Polanski is coming to Lodz at the invitation of the Cinergia Festival.

I am trying to understand the doubts related to the director's visit to Targowa Street, but I do not quite share the view of many outraged people. Roman Polanski is a great film artist and our most outstanding graduate. He has repeatedly expressed great respect for our school. Roman Polanski's achievements and the importance of the Lodz Film School in shaping his artistic path emphasized consistently and repeatedly by the director himself have contributed greatly and formed a cornerstone of our position in the international arena. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude. I would also like to remind you that our school gave Roman Polanski the title of Doctor Honoris Causa - the highest academic honorary title.

The arguments presented above may probably not be sufficient for many of those who focus on another aspect of the problem, but for me they have a great impact. These moral questions, give rise to anxiety, but also confusion. Human life is a complex, pulsating phenomenon that requires mindfulness and respect. We artists should understand this especially. It is not for us to give verdicts in the cases that are as ambiguous and complex as allegations against Roman Polański. Expressing indignation and slamming the door on him by us, the community of his Alma Mater, seems to me to be an extremely inappropriate act. I prefer to invite those students and employees who are interested in meeting a wonderful, experienced artist and a wise man and have constructive discussions with him. (I would like to add that the meeting will be a closed one)

Dear students, we set our own paths and make our own decisions. I am at a loss to understand the sudden outburst of activity, shocking with over-excited, dark energy in the face of atomization, anemia and creative crises that we encounter every day. I do not feel that I have any right to  make a moral assessment of Roman Polanski's life. On what basis would I make such an assessment? On the basis of shaky media reports, the position taken by the American justice authority, my own intuition? Mutual respect and limited faith in the reasons presented by the media, including social media, is a priority for me. I urge you to do the same, and those who remain unconvinced, may simply not come.

Faithfully yours,
Mariusz Grzegorzek