Book launch -you must not miss it!
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30. 11. 2018.

On 6 December, the Acting Department and School Publishing Unit invite to the book launch of “The Basics of Acting” and Acting Workshop run by Grażyna Kania and demonstrated by our acting students.

"The Basics of Acting" written by Prof. Margarete Schuler and Stephanie Harrer, translated by Grażyna Kania is a must in the library for all those who are thinking of becoming actors. The book, which contains a varied description of the first semester of acting studies with numerous tasks, is a rich source of knowledge for students and teachers. "The Basics of Acting" will also interest everyone who would like to have sound knowledge about what acting really is about.

The book presentation will take place 6 December. at 16:00 at the school theatre (building H). The book launch will be accompanied by Grażyna Kania’s workshop with the participation of our acting students.

In the book’s introduction we can read: ‘It’s about the beginning. The start in the profession which people constantly find so fascinating. But is it really possible to “learn” this profession? Is this profession not something that a person can only really be born with? Can you learn art? Yes, you can. But to be serious and creative for a long time in the acting profession, education is needed. Because, without mastering the basic methodological means, even the best material will be used up. The acting method, which this book is devoted to , and its didactics were summarized by Professor Rudolf Penka on the basis of the working methods of Bertolt Brecht and Konstantin S. Stanisławski ".

About the authors:

PROF. RUDOLF PENKA (1923-1990)
actor, director and teacher; the author of the method used at the Higher Theatre School named after E. Busch in Berlin; one of his goals was to synthesize the philosophy of two theatre personalities - Stanisławski and Brecht.

lecturer at the Higher Theatre School named after E. Busch in Berlin; deals with the basics of acting; conducts workshops and master classes at universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Lima, Oslo and Sydney.

actress, teaches basics of acting; specializes in teaching scene and monologue at the Higher Theatre School named after E. Busch in Berlin and the Higher School of Performance Arts in Frankfurt am Main.

the author of the supplement to the book “The Basics of Acting”; theatre director and actress; lectures at the Higher Theatre School named after E. Busch in Berlin , Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School named after Leon Schiller in Lodz and the Art University/UdK in Berlin.