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16. 03. 2018.

Lodz Film Museum, situated round the corner from the Lodz Film School, hosts an exhibition „FILMOBCY. March ‘68” from 14 March to 15 June.

The exhibition depicts the influence of the March 68 events on Polish film industry. Lodz Film School is the partner of the exhibition.

The exhibition "Filmobcy. March '68" was opened on 14 March, on the 50th anniversary of Lodz Film School students strike. The strike was supported by the Rector Jerzy Toeplitz and vice-rectors Stanisław Wohl and Roman Wajdowicz were fired, and Jerzy Bossak was deprived of the post of Direction Department Dean. Toeplitz was the only rector of Lodz universities who supported the students.

Within the exhibition it is possible to see the films with memories of the strike witnesses – film school graduates Janusz Zaorski, Michał Dudziewicz, Andrzej Krakowski, Krzysztof Rogulski, Andrzej Titkow, and also Jerzy Hoffman, Leon Kelcz and Jerzy Matula. They talk about the strike organization and its participants, among them Krzysztof Kieślowski, Krzysztof Rogulski, Grzegorz Królikiewicz and Michał Dudziewicz. The exhibition also traces the life stories of Jewish artists, the facts concerning the Film Units, those which were closed down as a result of repression and the ones that were created in their place, the films that were made and the screenplays that were denied production.

As a result of repressions following the March 68 events Poland was left for good by: Regina Dreyer, Edward Etler, Józef Fiałkowski, Władysław Forbert, Zygmunt Goldberg, Dora Gromb, Ludwik Hager, Aleksander Hochberg, Tadeusz Jaworski, Andrzej Krakowski, Helena Lemańska, Jerzy Lipman, Marian Marzyński, Anatol Radzinowicz, Zygmunt Szyndler, Mieczysław Wajnberger, and Kurt Weber. The most emotional and controversial was the departers of the forefathers of the Polish film industry - Aleksander Ford and Jerzy Toeplitz. Jerzy Toeplitz went to Australia where he was a successful originator of film education. Unfortunately, Aleksander Ford was unable to live and work successfully in the West. The frustration led to his suicide.

The Film Museum presents unique photographs and official documents, press excerpts, cinema repertoires after March 68’ – many various traditional and multimedia materials which recall the events from 50 years ago, which come from Lodz Film School archive, FINA, WFDiF, WFO, Lodz branch of IPN and Film Museum, among them handwritten and also typed rękopis i maszynopis "Film Art History" by Jerzy Toeplitz, the first Lodz Film School Rector, Aleksander Ford’s resume handwritten by him, passport granting refusal for Jerzy Lipman. There are also especially interesting film set photos from the confiscated student film „Taboo” by Krzysztof Rogulski and Andrzej Titkow’s student film „Dom” which gained popularity due to heavy criticism in the contemporary press.

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