PAPER FLOWERS on the dump.
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15. 03. 2018. Department

Let’s go to Studyjny Theatre! HE helps HER to carry shopping upstairs and stays for good. Jędrzej Michalak, Zuzanna Pawlak and Mateusz Więcławek invite you to Studyjny Theatre to see "Paper Flowers".

The play „Paper Flowers” by Egon Wolff, directed by a Film School direction student Jędrzej Michalak, was performed on Monday 26 March at Studyjny Theatre. The next performances have been scheduled for 20 April (19:07 hrs), 26 April (19:07 hrs) and 27 April (18.07 hrs) You can book tickets at, writing the word „IDĘ” plus your name and surname.

You’ll meet Ewa and Sztokfisz. Ewa is a wealthy, lonely woman, Sztokfisz – a homeless man who helps her to carry shopping upstairs to her place and… stays there for good.

- The play is mostly about the mutual perception of the rich and the poor and how money or the lack of money influence our perception of the world – says Jędrzej Michalak – The text analyses both protagonists and tries to find things they have in common. But is it really possible for these two to truly get closer to one another?

The idea for the play had grown in Jędrzej Michalak’s mind for a year since the workshop with Prof. Zbigniew Brzoza, when he heard „Stop being ashamed! Share your point of view!”. He followed the advice and out of separate scenes prepared for the workshop he created the whole play now staged in the Small Audience Hall of Studyjny Theatre with final year students of acting: Zuzanna Pawlak and Mateusz Więcławek. We can also see them with another play in Studyjny Theatre repertoire W. Gombrowicz’ „Operetta” directed by Waldemar Zawodziński.

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photos: Filip Szkopiński