Are you YOURSELF or only your own SHADOW?
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29. 03. 2018.

Mariusz Grzegorzek is directing "The Nether". In the cast, among others, Paulina Walendziak, graduation year student of Acting Department at our School. Polish premiere on 6th April.

"The Nether" by Jennifer Haley is a bitter drama about the desolation of soul, that is caused by modern technology. Everyone knows this. However when we are embedded in virtual fantasies, we often do not realise how fast and how irreversibly we become emotional wrecks incapable of real feelings and reactions.

Mariusz Grzegorzek reached for "The Nether" because, as he says – this text is provocative, full of mysteries and angst. The story takes place simultaneously 100 years ago and in distant future. Science-fiction and retro, thriller, romance and suggestive psychological drama. American sentimentalism and bold breaking of the taboo, an explosive combination. What is real and what is not? It’s hypnotizing tale about hunger for love and the price one must pay to satisfy it.

In "The Nether" a dramatic investigation in a sinister case leaves us without easy answers. Instead, it leaves us with questions. Are the accused really monsters? Is the virtual world better than reality? What are the benefits of spending time in a fake world? Are you still yourself after 12 hours of being online or your own shadow only?

Come to Jaracz's Theatre and find out.

The director (and also set designer) invited to cooperation famous painter Magda Moskwa/costume design/ and DJ Alex/music/, student at our School. In the cast, along with Paulina Walendziak, fourth year acting student also Marek Nędza (acting graduate and a lecturer at the Acting Department at our School), Agnieszka Skrzypczak (acting graduate), Andrzej Wichrowski (also graduate from our Acting Department) and Krzysztof Zawadzki (guest appearance, an actor from National Old Theatre in Krakow).

The Polish premiere of the play is set on 6th of April 2018 on Small Stage at Stefan Jaracz’s Theatre in Łódź.

See the trailer for the spectacle here:

Also read about the spectacle on Stefan Jaracz’s Theatre website:


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