Practice As Research / Research As Practice

20 .02 .2017
"A question of visual literacy: just what is it that makes visuality, when used as tool to understand the world around us, so selfsame, so transparent?"

Visual form is no shortcut. It is not about delivering urgent, or concerned, or serious content - “content” being another way of meaning discourse - in a more effective, direct, or palatable way. All in all, we are sensuous beings before we are discursive ones. What we seek to achieve in organizing this symposium is to gather artists (and, or as, educators, curators, scholars) who are interested in the aesthetic - that is sensuous - dimension of the epistemological, political and ethical.

Consequently, the principle connecting the participants is not medium or method, but preoccupation with visual forms of reflecting the world. The participants will be artists working with readymade footage, using animation, playing with fiction, and also engaging the senses and desires of the audience; those creating multimedia digital works and providing interactive experiences; and finally artists, who explore such formats as the exhibition as vehicles for visual forms of thought.

The aim of our meeting is to start a process of opening the Film School to contemporary experimental visual forms and commencing a sustained engagement with them.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research
Department of Cinematography & Television Production
Department of Film and Television Direction


The Lodz Film School
Central projection room
Targowa 61/63
90-323 Łódź

The PROGRAMME of the symposium