Why don’t you help out, Grandma?
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18. 07. 2016.

”Film about Grandma”- check out the film set: Director: Tomek Jeziorski, DOP: Karolina Zielińska. Cast: Ewa Szykulska and Maciej Maleńczuk

„Film about Grandma” is a diploma film of our cinematography student Karolina Zielińska.

Can money bring happiness? – this question is being asked by the film-makers of the black comedy with the working title "Film about Grandma". The main protagonist’s grandma, played by Ewa Szykulska, wishes to give her life savings to a stranger who has been presented by television as the poorest person in Poland. Unexpectedly, the main protagonist becomes involved in a secret plan of his grandma and by chance temporarily gets hold of the money . What is he going to do with this huge sum of money? Is he going to understand granny’s intentions?

- The film, in an exaggerated way, presents a difficult passage of Polish young people into adult life. They are constantly trying  to prove they are not losers but problems with finding a job don’t help. – say the film-makers about the film.

Director: Tomek Jeziorski
DOP: Karolina Zielińska
Cinematography artistic supervision: Jerzy Zieliński
Screenplay: Wojciech Pagórski, Tomek Jeziorski
Cast: Ewa Szykulska, Maciej Maleńczuk, Maciej Miszczak, Barbara Wypych,Jakub Michalski
Production manager: Maria Leźnicka
Second production manager: Małgorzata Anna Jakubowska Coordinator: Tomasz Kucharski
Asisstant director: Joanna Satanowska
Camera operator: Ksawery Zylber
Assistant camera technician: Wiesław Błażyński
Film-set manager: Małgorzata Anna Jakubowska
Assistant set manager: Monika Langner
Grip: Sebastian Dębicki
Focus: Maciej Berski
Steadicam operator: Staszek Marcinkowski
Art direction: Konrad Laprus
Costumes: Kamila Sachajko
Make-up: Paula Adryańczyk
Props: Jakub Boras
Sound: Nicolas de la Vega, Łukasz Kaczmarski
Stills: Monika Sadłos
Making-off: Paula Wilczyńska
Continuity: Alan Ruczyński