Not only Prizes at Kameralne Lato, Radom
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10. 07. 2016.

Not only does the Festival grant prizes to our students but also nominations for the Polish Independent Film Prizes named after Jan Machulski.

On 9 July, the Festival "Kameralne Lato" in Radom came to an end. As for our films Radom Police Headquarters Distinction was granted to Klara Kochańska for her film "Lokatorki" as the Best Film dealing with social issues. The jury members who decided about the distinction were: Cezary Harasimowicz, Anna Mucha, Dorota Nowocień, Antoni Królikowski and Rafael Lewandowski.

 Apart from granting the Festival Prizes the Jury decided about nomination for Polish Independent Film Prizes named after Jan Machulski (for 2017), which include: Klara Kochańska & Kasper Bajon for the film "Lokatorki” by Klara Kochańska – nomination in the "Best Screenplay"category, and Marcin Podolec for the film "Olbrzym” in the "Best Animated Film" category.

 Polish Film Encounters KAMERALNE LATO is the only film festival in Poland organized in cooperation with Radom Police as well as other local institutions such as Mazowieckie Centre of Social Policy, the City Council, HELIOS Cinema, Radom Higher School of Commerce, and numerous culture and film organizations. The main sponsors of the Festival are the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Polish Film Institute. The main aim of the festival is to promote Polish young film-makers as well as to encourage positive social role models, but also to engage young people in film culture.

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still 2 - "Lokatorki"
still 3 - "Olbrzym"