To Flee into a Dream World
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27. 11. 2013. Department

"Miruna" directed by Piotr Sułkowski, a Lodz Film School direction student, receives Best International Short prize at the Outlier Film Festival in Halifax (Canada).

The film has been shot by Przemysław Brynkiewicz , with underwater photography of Maciej Twardowski, and made under artistic supervision of  Łukasz Barczyk.

- In "Miruna" the main protagonist lives as if in two parallel worlds.  - says Piotr Sułkowski. – The screenplay has been based on a short story about a man who sets out in the sea accompanied by a girl with a transparent face. Two fish end up on the deck, which have to be killed in a specific way. "The fishermen claim that if you look straight into Miruna’s eyes at that moment a part of the fish’s soul will become a part of yours". I would write to be taken to the dream world – the state, in which movement is quicker than the thought, where there is no division between the real and the imagined because we can share our inner world with another person. The film inspired by this text  was created not out of mere dream but out of fear of madness of the ego, which destructs it.

The director about music in "Mirunie": - The music has been inspired by the Middles Ages folk tale  "The Flute Player from Hamelin". Playing the flute the musician hypnotized all the children from the village and drowned them in the nearby river.  How did the tune he played sound? I kept asking myself and Tomasz Ziętek, whose trumpet was supposed to be closer to the dream about the unknown, and also Dominik Kowalczyk, whose electronic music was supposed to convey the feeling of emptiness and loneliness. "Farewell to the tale” is a song from the end of the cult film  "Akademia Pana Kleksa", with which I wanted to say a symbolic goodbye of the protagonist to the illusion into which he fled out of fear of adulthood.