Prokopowicz’s realism
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28. 01. 2016.

Bartosz Prokopowicz after the screening of his film „Chemia” talked about the choice of the actress, film realism and his attitude to the viewer.

The film „Chemia" directed by a cinematographer Bartek Prokopowicz is about the life of his wife Magda, the originator of the Rak’n’Roll Foundation, who died of cancer at the age of 35 after 8 years of treatment.

- The film is either liked or not liked, it doesn’t leave anybody indifferent and it is its value. Admited the filmmakers during the meeting with the audience, the director Bartosz Prokopowicz and Katarzyna Sarnowska, the screenwriter and producer.

 - We had to decide about the aesthetics of the film. We did not want it to overwhelm with death and sadness. I chose wide shots deliberately, not to tire the viewer. – said Bartek Prokopowicz looking at the film from the DOP’s point of view, the path he had followed for the past 25 years of his career and now stepped out of it to become the director. – We tried to avoid emotional blackmail. A lot would happen off the frame. The convention I used in the film could be called some kind of magic realism. – continued the director, which the producer commented on as “Prokopowicz’s realism”.

In the soundtrack we hear the music by Mikromusic, which according to the film-makers had a very important dramaturgical role, that of the Greek choir. For Agnieszki Żulewska, the leading actress, playing in the film was her feature film debut. In appreciation of her acting she was granted the Zbyszek Cybulski Award.. When asked „why Żulewska?” the director answered without hesitation – She is charismatic, in her eyes, just like Husky dog’s eyes, you could see the strength…and she also looked good without hair. I based my choice of actress being led by intuition and it worked. – said the director.