"The Swallow" flying high
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19. 09. 2013. Department

he first place on the list of films screened within the Panorama Section belongs to Lodz Film School diploma film "The Swallow”.

According to the film critics evaluating the films presented at the 38th Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, which finished on 14 September, the first place on the list of films  screened within the Panorama Section belongs to Lodz Film School diploma film "The Swallow" (direction - Bartosz Warwas, photography Ernest Wilczyński, production: Monika Buczyńska, artistic supervision: Filip Bajon, Zbigniew Wichłacz, Jerzy Zieliński). It’s the second full length diploma film in the Lodz Film School history after Jerzy Skolimowski “Identification Marks: None” from 1964.

The film has been shot on many locations and in various interiors such as: Plac Zwyciestwa in Lodz, a house in Edwarda St., on the fly-over at  Łódź-Lublinek train station, at the Lodz Medical University Sports Centre in 6 Sierpnia St., at the Evangelic-Augsburg cemetery in Ogrodowa St., in Saint Francis from Assisi Church in Przyszkole St., in Wodny Rynek, at the junk place in  Lawinowa St., in Mazowiecka St, Wycieczkowa St, in some cellars in Abramowskiego St., at the surgery in Ogrodowa St, in the Lodz Film School studio and gym. 

Gomulka, rigid Polish Communist Party Leader leaves succeeded by dynamic younger Edward Gierek, Poland end up as the third football team in the World Cup, Vietnam war finally ends and Karol Wojtyla becomes Pope John Paul II. However, to Agnieszka Jaskolka colourful seventies bring back quite different memories. Easter of the year 2000.  Fifteen years had gone after Agnieszka Jaskółka had flown home with her daughter Nina - now she returns to her home town to reconcile with her father. The trip turns out to be a journey in time during which Agnieszka experiences again the events from 30 years earlier: growing up in the world where vodka flew constantly, being regularly forced by her drunk father to practice playing the piano at night, and her first communion dress costing less than the Beatles album. In the world where colour television and a car from abroad aroused common admiration and respect.  On 21st  June, 1973, Stan Borys sings "Jaskółka uwięziona" (Imprisoned Swallow) at the Song Contest in Opole, and his performance is followed on television by the whole of Poland including the Jaskolkas. That night, however, something more will happen, something, which although not consciously realized will influence the rest of this nine year old girl’s life... [source: filmpolski.pl]