“Mary Stuart” before the premiere.
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28. 09. 2015. Department

"Mary Stuart", our acting students latest diploma play in direction of Grzegorz Wiśniewski, will have its première on 10 October. Studyjny Theatre offers the last pre-premiere performances.

Why „Mary Stuart”? The fourth year students of acting were eager to stage a classical play which deals with the theme of manipulations in the world of royals and aristocracy and the passions overwhelming them. And that’s how the play “Mary Stuart” by Friedrich Schiller written in 1800 was chosen. On stage two powerful characters Queen Elizabeth I and imprisoned by her Mary, Queen of Scots. The struggle between them is not only a fight where life is at stake but equally significant are the issues of power, pride and basic, primeval, almost animalistic instincts so close to human nature.

According to the director „Mary Stuart” is perfect for a diploma play – it provides the young actors with fully-fledged characters and at the same time demanding challenges.

The fourth year students acting in the play are: Maria Dębska (Mary Stuart), Michał Floriańczyk (Amias Paulet, Aubespine), Filip Jacak (George Talbot), Jakub Nosiadek (Mortimer), Maja Pankiewicz (Queen Elizabeth I), Krystian Pesta (Lord Burleigh), Krzysztof Rogucki (Wilhelm Davison) and Bartosz Sak (Earl of Leicester). Schiller’s play „Mary Stuart” staged at the Studyjny Theatre was translated by Jacek Buras. Direction, art direction, costumes and light direction: Grzegorz Wiśniewski. Assistant director: Krystian Pesta, a fourth year acting students. Music: Rafał Kowalczyk.

Each play directed by Grzegorz Wiśniewski and staged at the Studyjny Theatre is a great artistic event just to name the last ones: Mark Ravenhill’s „Shopping and fucking” and Marius von Mayenburg’s „Kamień”, which has been pronounced one of the best performances of the past season by theatre critics and theatre goers. This time, with great pleasure, we recommend the play „Mary Stuart”, the first of the diploma plays in the coming season.

photos: Andrzej Różycki